Educational Equity


The Stanwood-Camano School District is committed to increasing equity and access for ALL students. The Stanwood-Camano School Board’s Educational Equity policy reaffirms that we are committed to an inclusive, diverse and equitable learning environment where all students and staff know they belong.

“We as a district will place equity at the center of all decision making and planning, ensuring that all students and staff have a voice and the resources they need to thrive academically, socially and emotionally in our schools.”

 The diverse needs of our students require equitable, not equal, distribution of resources. See the entire Equity Policy HERE.

What is meant by the term equity?

Equity is about treating all children as the individuals that they are, not treating all children the same.

 In order to thrive, students need to be treated with kindness and respect by adults and other students. We are deeply committed to ensuring that all students receive what they personally need to develop to their full potential and succeed.

 To that end, we commit to examining the disparities in our system and to implementing equitable practices to eliminate those disparities. Equity ensures all students have what they need to learn and thrive.


Why do we need an equity policy?

An equity policy helps guide our work to eliminate the predictability of success that is currently correlated with race, gender-identity, sexual orientation, wealth, ZIP code, immigration status, etc. We seek to create a school system that gives all our students the opportunity to develop their academic skills, social-emotional wellness and intelligence, and a sense of agency and civic responsibility. 

We have a moral imperative to not look away from the impacts of harmful structures, policies and practices that limit opportunity for our school community. Every child and family in our district is deserving of learning conditions that foster intellectual curiosity and social and emotional wellbeing.  When we focus on equity, we expand our community’s notions of who belongs, and who schooling is intended to work for, to include and care for everyone.



How do I report harassment?

Fine links and information about reporting harassment in the Stanwood-Camano School District HERE.