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Phased Re-Opening of School District Facilities

Introduction and Rationale: The Stanwood-Camano School District recognizes that our facilities are public facilities.  During the COVID pandemic, we have had to modify and significantly reduce access to our facilities, as have other businesses and organizations.  We also acknowledge that our community has a strong interest in using our facilities while we, as a district, maintain the highest commitment to safety as possible.  We are pleased to have developed a 4-phased plan to reopen our facilities to our community.  These plans are subject to change should the conditions associated with the COVID pandemic change.  

COVID Safety Requirements in Washington State K-12 Facilities: We are functioning under a state-wide mandate for all K-12 (public and private) institutions that outlines what safety measures we must implement during the 2021-2022 school year.  These requirements are updated by the Department of Health, the most recent version can be found here (updated 10/4/2021):  K-12 School Requirements 2021-2022

District Priorities: The district’s foremost priority is to ensure that our schools remain open to full day, in-person instruction.  When school districts limit access to facilities, it is to create safety layers to protect full day, in-person instruction as our primary goal.  That said, we believe that access to our facilities outside of the school day enhances our students and families’ experiences and the lives of those that participate.  

Community Rentals at Middle Schools for Middle School Students (same for elementary):

We are requiring that our school facilities, whenever possible, be rented out to groups that align with the age groups at that school.  This means that middle school community sports would take place at middle schools and elementary community sports at elementary schools.  

What You Can Expect: Groups wishing to rent and utilize district facilities will go through the same process as has been done in the past.  A facility use agreement will be completed by the requesting party along with an additional addendum Agreement for Approving Use of Facilities During a COVID-Restricted School Year.  The additional addendum formalizes how your group will abide by the requirements of K-12 School Requirements 2021-2022.  You can expect to be required to comply with COVID related safety requirements.  The school district will review each application (with addendum) and process requests as they are received.  

Differences Among Buildings: You may notice slight variation in building access among some of our schools.  Each school is unique.  From layout, to location, to building-based use outside of the school day, each school has its own unique set of circumstances.  While one building may make their gym available, another may be using its gym for a school-based event or for COVID-related tasks during the school day that make it unavailable.  We strive to have as much uniformity across buildings as possible.   

Events, Facilities or Topics not Mentioned:  There may be a question or topic you do not see mentioned in this plan.  We encourage you to reach out to the building you have a question about.  Building principals will work with district office staff to address any requests or topics not mentioned in this document. 


facilities rollout

To reserve a facility, please contact the school where the facility is located and complete a Facility Use Application (see link below) and forms below. Activities sponsored by the School District, including curricular and co-curricular functions, have first priority.

Authorization for the use of school facilities will not be considered as an endorsement of, or approval of, the group or organization, nor for the purposes it represents. For more information, call (360) 629-1200 

FR Checklist
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**Email your rental agreement to Kirsti Daniels at kdaniels@stanwood.wednet.edu and Kirsti will forward it to the school you are requesting or you can fax it to 360-629-1242. Once the School has received your Request, they will reach out to you regarding day and time confirmation. And please make sure the following forms are included with your Facility Request: Agreement for Approving Use of Facilities During a COVID-Restricted School Year Engrossed House Bill 1824 requires that all groups/organizations who participate in sports must fill out and return the COMPLIANCE STATEMENT FOR CONCUSSION, HEAD INJURY AND SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST AWARENESS with their rental request. Current Facility Use Fee Schedule
If you have any questions regarding the Fee Schedule, please email Shelley Klasse at: Rklasse@stanwood.wednet.edu
For further information regarding use of school facilities:
Policy 4260 - Use of School Facilities

Procedure 4260P - Use of School Facilities

Facility Use Rental Group Classification and Insurance Requirements

Feedback and Suggestions: We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we reopen our facilities.  Please reach out by email to: DRumbaugh@stanwood.wednet.edu (Superintendent) or CDegginger@stanwood.wednet.edu (Communications Director).