November 21, 2023 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Stanwood-Camano School District #401
Administration & Resource Center Boardroom
26920 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, Washington 98292

November 21, 2023 - 6:00 PM


Board President Miranda Evans called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Miranda Evans, Charlotte Murry, Al Schreiber, Natalie Hagglund
Board Members Absent: Debbie Bayes (excused)
Student Advisors Present: Grace Pacheco and Bee Hartell

President Evans announced two opportunities within the agenda for public comment.

President Evans led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Director Schreiber moved to approve the agenda for the November 21, 2023 Regular Board Meeting; seconded by Director Hagglund. 

Aye: Miranda Evans, Charlotte Murry, Al Schreiber, Natalie Hagglund

Passed: Unanimously

November 7, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
Director Hagglund moved to approve the minutes for the November 7, 2023 Regular Board Meeting; seconded by Director Schreiber. 

Aye: Miranda Evans, Al Schreiber, Natalie Hagglund
Abstained: Charlotte Murry



1. Donations: Deborah Rumbaugh
Student Advisors, Grace Pacheco and Bee Hartell, presented the donations. 
Dr. Deborah Rumbaugh expressed her thanks for the donations to the district, also sharing that donors receive a thank you letter in appreciation of the donation. 

2. Anti-Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Poster Contest Winners: Ryan Ovenell
a. 1st Place Grades K-2 Stanwood Elementary School
b. 1st Place Grades 3-5 Elger Bay Elementary School
c. 1st Place Grades 6-8 Port Susan Middle School
d. 1st Place Grades 9-12 Lincoln Hill High School
Deputy Superintendent Ryan Ovenell facilitated the recognition of 1st place winners in the district's annual Anti-Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) poster contest. Each student was presented with a certificate and a gift from the Stanwood-Camano Kiwanis who sponsored this contest. The Board congratulated the students and pictures were taken. 

3. Enrollment: Dr. Deborah Rumbaugh
Superintendent Deborah Rumbaugh presented the enrollment report, noting the increase of 2 students from last month to this month and an increase of 32 students from this time last year.

 4Port Susan Middle School ReportCherae Almanza
a. School Improvement and Action Planning Update
Principal Cherae Almanza updated the board on the Port Susan Middle School's School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Annual Action Plan(AAP). The update included plans for progress monitoring toward Math, Literacy, and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) goals. Questions followed. 

b. Shining Star Recognition
Student Isabelle Arneson was honored as Port Susan Middle School's Shining Star by the School Board and staff. Assistant Principal Crysty Auckland shared the criteria for selection and Isabelle's attributes as a Shining Star. A certificate and sponsor gift from Heritage Bank were presented and pictures were taken. Isabelle placed a star with her name on it on the "Wall of Shining Stars" on the wall of the Board Room.

5. Financial Updates: Ruth Floyd
Executive Director of Business Services, Ruth Floyd, walked the board through the following updates:
a. Year-End Financial Report
b. August 2023 Financial Report 
c. September 2023 Financial Report

6. Recognition: Dr. Deborah Rumbaugh 
Superintendent Deborah Rumbaugh, Board President Miranda Evans, and the Board honored outgoing School Board Director Natalie Hagglund after eight years of serving on the board.  Director Natalie Hagglund was presented with gifts of appreciation and words of thanks for her commitment and years of service as a Stanwood-Camano School District Board Director. 

Superintendent Rumbaugh noted that the new board directors will be sworn in at the December 5, 2023 Regular Board Meeting.

A brief break was taken to allow special guests and their families the opportunity to leave if they chose to do so.


President Evans offered the board and anyone in attendance the opportunity to speak to any items on the Consent Agenda; she offered board members and anyone in attendance the opportunity to pull any items for discussion. There being none, Director Murry moved to approve Consent Agenda items 1 through 9; seconded by Director Hagglund.

Aye: Miranda Evans, Charlotte Murry, Al Schreiber, Natalie Hagglund

Passed: Unanimously

President Evans noted that Director Murry abstained from approval of the November 7, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes.

1. Approve the Donations

2. Approve the Second Reading, Policy 6250, District-Owned Cellular Devices

3. Approve the Second Reading, Policy 5161, Civility in the Workplace

4. Approve to adopt Resolution 2023/2024-004 Approval of the Building Commission Report for Stanwood High School

5. Approve to adopt Resolution 2023/2024-005 Certification of 2024 Excess Property Taxes

6. Approve to adopt Resolution 2023/2024-006 Addition of the Stanwood-Camano School District to the Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center Consortium

7. Approve the Interagency Agreement with Everett Community College for the 2023-2024 College in High School Program

8. Approve the Personnel Report for November 21, 2023

9. Approve the Bills and Payroll


Citizens wishing to address the Board are asked to submit online requests using the PUBLIC COMMENT link or email [email protected] two hours prior to the board meeting start time. For those attending the meeting in person, request forms are available in the boardroom for submission prior to the meeting start time. Citizens who wish to provide documents to board members will hand them to the Recording Secretary for distribution after the meeting. The Board President will call upon individuals who have requested to speak during the Public Comment section of the agenda. Individuals will state their name for the record and will be allowed three minutes to speak.

There was no public comment. Director Evans reminded those in attendance of the process of submitting requests for public comment.


1. Book Study - Katz and Dack, Intentional Interruption, Chapter 3
Superintendent Rumbaugh facilitated the book study discussion highlighting Chapter 3 and invited board member discussion. Each board member and student advisor shared what stood out to them from this chapter that focused on professional development and professional learning.


Grace Pacheco, Stanwood High School, reported a successful drama production, Radium Girls, which extended over two weekends. Grace also shared there will be a musical production in the spring. Additional updates included a report on the Veterans Day Assembly, and an upcoming Winter Wishes week, which is an annual event.

Bee Hartell, Lincoln Hill High School, reported that the leadership group made cards and gift baskets thanking their volunteers. Updates included the following: conferences took place last week, the Student Council will meet on December 7, and the next Pancake Breakfast will be on December 8th.


Director Hagglund shared that she attended the play at Stanwood High School and encouraged board members to read all materials presented to them, attend all meetings, and ask questions.

Director Schreiber expressed his appreciation to Director Hagglund for her eight years of service on the board. Director Schreiber shared that he attended the WSSDA conference in Bellevue, took a tour of Everett Community College, and attended the play at the high school.

Director Murry shared that she attended the WSSDA conference, the Classified Employee of the Month recognition for John Clark in Transportation, as well as a levy information session.

Director Evans reported that she attended the WSSDA conference and shared that the new board members also attended the conference, noting that there will be more details about the WSSDA conference shared once the new board members are sworn in. 

There being no further business, President Evans adjourned the meeting at 7:03 p.m.



Vice President





Deborah Rumbaugh, Ed.D. 
Secretary to the Board